Re: [unrev-II] Economics and the Garden of Eden

Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 14:55:46 PDT

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    On Wed, 7 Jun 2000 23:16:08 -0700, "John \"sb\" Werneken"
    <> wrote:
    >I agree, there needs to be ways to address this issue (one man's perceived
    >benefit coming more or less directly at someone else's expense, with the
    >someone else having no choice, no reasonable means of avoidance, and perhaps
    >no recourse).
    [large snip]

    I have been having problems with how one might use a DKR.
    We have been talking about 'user requirements' but I keep
    running into quicksand. Let me explain by giving a simple
    example of a problem and three users.

    User One is a white male Republican who believes that Greed
    is Good and should be encouraged and unfettered.

    User Two is a black female Democrat who believes that greed
    is useful for motivating people but should be regulated by
    the Government to minimize the damage and prevent revolution.

    User Three is a Pacific Islander who believes that taking
    from the community and keeping it for yourself puts you at
    the bottom of the social ladder.

    So, a fisherman with modern technology comes to a Pacific
    island, wipes out the fish population and much of the reef
    then moves on with the intent of selling the fish for money
    and keeping the money for himself.

    I presume that even User One considers this undesirable
    but I am aware that may not be the case.

    How do the three users use a DKR to attack this problem?
    I don't see it. Worse yet, most of the serious problems
    that I am aware of, seem to fit this pattern.

    Could someone enlighten me?

    Dewain Delp

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