[unrev-II] 2020 Hindsight: A Fictional DKR Narrative (long (sorry))

From: Rod Welch (rowelch@attglobal.net)
Date: Sat Jun 24 2000 - 04:57:21 PDT

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    Just, on your comment that "knowledge is generated all the time. It is all
    around us in books, etc..."

    My sense is a little different.

    "Knowledge" resides in the minds of people, and so is constantly being formed
    out of the information that is all around us in books, TV, meetings, and so on,
    as an interplay between our experience, and the mental ability to form
    consistent pattersn connections or patterns of cause and effect.


    Bill Bearden wrote:
    > Rod,
    > >
    > > Bill,
    > >
    > > Very thoughtful illustration you set out in your letter today... <SNIP />
    > Thanks.
    > <SNIP />
    > > ... your open source query
    > > might be aided
    > > by explaining how that approach saves time, improves productivity, and
    > > earnings. Those criteria have proven to be good generic starting
    > > points for
    > > evaluating tools and work methods. ...
    > <MORE-SNIP />
    > I agree that the traditional "value" metrics are useful. However, I question
    > how well they apply to something truly new. I doubt that electric lights or
    > telephones were cost effective replacements for existing technology right
    > when they were introduced. If DKRs ever prove truly useful, it may only be
    > after there are lots and lots of them hooked together and people are
    > immersed in them as a normal part of their lives. That is a long ways off.
    > And anyway, my text was an exercise in speculation as much as anything. It
    > was just me trying to describe part of a system I see in my head (if I close
    > my eyes real tight after I've had a couple of beers :-).
    > <SNIP-SNIP-SNIP />
    > > In the meantime, it turns out that using a keyboard, computer screen, and
    > > special tools seems to augment human intelligence beyond what can
    > > be expected
    > > from reliance on voice recognition and pictures, for reasons in the record
    > > reviewing Andy Grove's book on 980307...
    > >
    > > http://www.welchco.com/sd/08/00101/02/98/03/07/161449.HTM#L351552
    > >
    > > Generating knowledge is hard work. ...
    > Yes, but knowledge is generated all the time. It is all around us. Capturing
    > it and encoding it so computers can store it and people can learn it is the
    > problem as I see it. IMO, this process will remain very difficult until we
    > have more immersive user interfaces. Until then, it *might* make sense to
    > try and "scrape" knowledge from existing stores (e.g. books, databases,
    > source code, etc). Truly integrated information systems probably yields more
    > short term bang for the buck. Again, just my speculation.
    > > ... But people don't mind hard work, if it
    > > yields rewards and is fun. Games are an example. People "work"
    > > awfully hard at
    > > golf, tennis, running, exercise, and computer games, because they
    > > get immediate
    > > satisfaction of varying kinds from the experience.
    > >
    > I love the point you make about "work" and games. IMO, Csikszentmihalyi
    > explains fairly well why that is in his book, Flow. I was excited to see
    > Flow mentioned on the L3D philosophy page
    > (http://www.cs.colorado.edu/~l3d/philosophy.html). L3D (LifeLong Learning &
    > Design) is the "mother" project of Dynasites, to which John Deneen submitted
    > a link yesterday.
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