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Date: Wed Jun 28 2000 - 06:41:13 PDT

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    Eric -

    Well, you're probably out of email range by now, but..

    One of my favorite "hard science" sci-fi authors (James P. Hogan) has
    roots in Ireland:

    In almost every book he talks about "Dún Laoghaire" and asks a character
    how to pronounce it. He always describes the town glowingly. If you're
    around Dublin County, maybe you could give a field report on the town --
    and checkout the picture (over the bar?) in the town hotel (referenced
    in one of his books on Virtual Reality "Realtime Interrupt" as the way
    the character knew he was in a fake world -- by calling the hotel from
    America to ask someone at the hotel to check this out).
    Geographical refs on the town:

    James P. Hogan in appropriate to this list because he talks about many
    related topics to Bootstrapping.

    For example, in "The Two Faces of Tomorrow" he talks about what happens
    when we bootstrap to the point that the computer network we use becomes

    In "Voyage from Yesteryear" he talks about what happens when a new
    economy based on respect collides with an old economy based on

    He now lives in Bray in northern Wicklow, on the coast about twelve
    miles south of Dublin. He'd be a great person to run into while you're


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    Eric Armstrong wrote:
    > I'm off to Ireland!
    > I'll be out from Tue, 27 Jun through Sun, 9 July.
    > I'll be back on Mon, 10 July.
    > Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy...

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