Re: [unrev-II] Tracking footprints through an information space

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Date: Wed Jun 28 2000 - 10:11:48 PDT

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    Hi Gil,
    The xtm-wg (xtm working group) is hosted on egroups. Since you're already there, go to your home page and sign up for xtm-wg -- or just view their archives.

    There is another general purpose TM list hosted at

    What we are doing in that group is to take the existing ISO-13250 Topic Maps standard and 'xmlize' it. The original TM standard was based on HyTime, an SGML application. I have this hunch that we will eventually see something like HyTime in XML, since it is about hyperlinking stuff including time-related stuff.

    For more on Hytime, go to

    There is this raging debate "out there" on how to put semantics into tagged documents. It might behoove many readers of this list to become familiar and perhaps even contribute to that discussion.

      From: Gil Regev

      Jack, this is interesting. In the first version of Knoware I was also plotting the path taken by users. It annoyed most users but maybe the reason was the way it was implemented. Can you tell me more about your Topic Maps discussion group?
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        Just came across this URL from my Topic Maps discussion group.

        They are doing this work in a medical clinic setting and their papers discuss in some detail the many issues related to, as they call it, superimposing information on top of information.

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