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Date: Thu Jun 29 2000 - 21:08:39 PDT

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    I think the address is

    That will get you to the OHS zWiki page, which is the main page. (I
    think they call it zWiki because the leading lower case letter z keeps
    that name from becoming a link everytime it appears.)

    1. Now click Contributors which will take you to the Contributors page.

    2. At the bottom of the page, clck Edit this page. The page will become
    a form showing the (sort of text/html) some zWiki encoding used for this
    page. Position your cursor at the end of the last line (Kim</li>) and
    hit Enter once. Now type, for instance,
    <li> RodWelsh: Rod Welsh>/li>
    This line becomes he next item in the list with a link to the RodWelsh
    page and title of rod Welsh.

    3. When it looks right, click the button at the bottom of the form
    Change Contributors.
    The edited page will appear and a little blue ? will show at the end of
    the link titlle.

    4. Click the blue ?. A new page will appear named RodWelsh. Click Edit
    the page. Now type something into the form and the click Change
    RodWelsh. The text you typed will appear.

    Note: If you put most correct HTMLinto this form it will probably
    display like you expect. If you put plain text in, the line breaks may
    not come out right. You can use just simple <p>,,,<.p> or <br /> for
    line breaks in there for simple formatting if needed, or the plain text
    may work OK for you.

    5. Now go look at some of the other pages and see the encoding styles.
    then go back and make your page look like you want it to. You can
    select Edit tis page to look at the content, then just use the browser
    Back <= to exit the edit without changing the page. Type and Cut and
    Paste to get your page looking correct to you.

    6. Go back to the OHS page, click on GroundRules and read down to 5. Use
    Styles. Under the bullet 'You must be kidding' higlight and copy the
    entire line:

    <div class="comment">You must be kidding. LeeIverson</div>

    This line just sets a style (comment) for the following message (You
    must be kidding.) and the link to a page (LeeIverson). You will see that
    you create a page in the zWiki by cancatenating two words with at least
    two capitals in it.
    (There are other ways but don't think about it now.) So you create a
    page or a link to a page using a term like this - for example RodWelsh
    with no spaces would both enable you to create a page named RodWelsh
    and/or a link to it.

    7. Make sure you have this line in your clipboard, then use your browser
    Back key to return to the OHS page.

    8. Now click Contributors. The Contributors page will appear. Now click
    JoeWillliams to get to the Joe Williams page. Read item 1 until you find
    something that makes you mad or at least something you want to comment

    9. Select Edit the page, and in some visable location, Paste the line
    from above, then change "You must be kidding." to your own comment and
    change "LeeIverson" to RodWelsh.

    10. Click Change JoeWilliams and find your link to RodWelsh.

    11. Go to RodWelsh, Edit the page, and type in your comments on the
    form. Click Change RodWelsh and repeat until you are satisfied.

    12. Now go back to OHS, click the RecentChanges at the bottom of the
    page and see that both RodWelch and JoeWilliams have been changed

    Joe will eventually notice this and start trying to find out who is
    messing with his stuff, find your comment, look at your page for the
    explanation, carefully consider it, then, maybe with some consultation,
    try to make the information agreeable to us all. At that point, Joe may
    remove your comment, or move it to a history area where it can be

    Thanks and Best Regards,

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