Re: [unrev-II] Information Is What Confuses Us

From: Jack Park (
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 08:31:17 PDT

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    Recursion abounds here! Paul says this essay is interesting. I say it is
    profound. I have to add that others might think it drivel, and that is what
    the paper is about: varying points of view.

    Which segues into something I have argued before: there needs to exist some
    kind of middle layer in a knowledge architecture that can accomodate all
    points of view. Really tough problem, that. Not one to be solved anytime
    soon, and especially, not even attacked in the greatly anticipated Version

    Whatever the OHS does, it will need to support folks who think in terms of
    authors, folks who think in terms of titles, folks who think in terms of
    dates, times, keywords, and who-knows-what-else.

    Valuable post, Paul. Thanks.
    From: Paul Fernhout <>

    > Interesting essay at:
    > "This is not really a review of William Kent's book Data and Reality
    > Basic Assumptions in Data Processing Reconsidered [1]. It is an article
    > inspired by Kent. The category in which to put this essay is not clear.
    > Where it should go in the index depends upon your point of view. These
    > may seem minor points, but they are central issues here. As Kent
    > asserts, people not involved with computers may find the subject
    > trivial. "
    > This essay includes a worked example of why it would be hard to count
    > the number of books in a library.
    > -Paul Fernhout
    > Kurtz-Fernhout Software

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