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Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 08:36:26 PDT

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    Hi Eugene,

    Last night you asked me what should we do with the first $10,000 into
    this DKR/OHS project. My response, and still is, to have more meetings
    with more people. Just as for bandwidth, let's not let distance limit
    this project. The Government made a smooth (really, not that many
    bumps!) road so for about $12.00 plus $3.00 toll and some food, I can
    get there for some hours, and get home not too late. If DKR/OHS gets
    some money, First pay DougE, then let's enlarge the meeting by making
    travel expense not a problem for contributors. What I mean is, for
    example, is that if a contributor needed his travel expense compensated
    in order to attend a meeting then let's say OK.

    This thought grew to attracting contributors more distant from PA to a
    day or multiday DKR/OHS meeting with the idea of a group orientation
    session. The result, if some critical mass is achieved, would be
    contibutions resulting in a running first development DKR/OHS with
    Doug's first two augmentations for our bootstrapping.

    Thanks for asking,
    Best Regards,

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