Re: [unrev-II] The Middle Layer - Information Is What Confuses Us

Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 09:47:21 PDT

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    I liked your diagram showing the content and 'lens' which forms vews of
    the content and structure. I think placing the 'lens' only in the DKR
    caused a question of where functionality resides.

    This middle layer of providing a view of DKR content actually resides in
    both the DKR and the OHS. The DKR 'lens" (multiple multifaceted) forms
    DKR content and structure views while the OHS 'lens' forms presentation
    views of the content delivered to it by the DKR.

    Of course the OHS may have added tools to form views of DKR content and
    structure independent of the DKR 'lens(es)' capability.

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