Re: [unrev-II] Open Documentation Summit

From: Jack Park (
Date: Sun Jul 23 2000 - 11:24:50 PDT

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    The interesting editor they mention is Conglomerate. Here's a snippet from
    their architecture description:
    "The current codebase uses GTK+, with a custom widget based on
    gtkdrawingarea as the core widget in the editor frontend, but in the
    upcoming rewrite, we're reimplementing it as a custom GTK widget, based on
    the rather impressive GnomeCanvas, at which point the Conglomerate editor
    will require Gnome, and thus won't be as readily portable to Win systems
    (the current code runs happily on Win). If this is a loss or not depends a
    lot on your viewpoint. "

    I have been watching Conglomerate for some time now. Based on it's apparent
    direction of ignoring cross-platform issues, I've been slow to get
    particularly attracted to it. However, it does strike me that, with a
    helluva lot of work, the code could be mapped into Mozilla, making it not
    only a powerful editor -- perhaps by combining parts of it with the emerging
    Mozilla script editor -- but a great browser as well.

    From: Eugene Eric Kim <>

    > Last Sunday, at the Open Source Conference in Monterey, they held the Open
    > Documentation Summit to talk about licenses for documentation. This is
    > especially pertinent for us, as we will need to adopt a similar license
    > for our own work. A summary is available here:
    > In this summary is also mentioned an interesting XML editor. I recommend
    > people take a look at the summary.
    > -Eugene

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