Re: [unrev-II] Conglomerate Editor

From: Jack Park (
Date: Sun Jul 23 2000 - 11:44:45 PDT

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    Hi Eric,
    You are expressing user preferences, one of the things Mozilla is all about.
    Using XUL, you make the browser look like whatever you want.

    The structure indicators Conglomerate is using appear to be inspired by
    those used in the Mathematica ( editor. You can download their
    free MathReader and a couple of Mathematica files to play with it. Once I
    got used to that style, I began to like it.

    From: Eric Armstrong <>

    > The Conglomerate editor looks pretty good.
    > They have some ambitious plans, and some working
    > hackery that needs to be upgraded to quality code
    > (according to their documents).
    > One thing that bugs me is the insistence that the
    > the info must graphically display the structure.
    > So rather than simply indenting entries, the editor
    > puts a different color background on each nested
    > section -- very busy, imho.
    > I would prefer to see a standard outline tree, with
    > vertical lines connecting sibling sections, as most
    > tree-displays do. The one thing I would like to see
    > added to those displays is a "rollover" display --
    > when the cursor hovers near a line, a small popup
    > should appear that indicates the item the line
    > descends from.

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