Re: [unrev-II] Ray Ozzie's Groove software

From: Henry van Eyken (
Date: Wed Oct 25 2000 - 03:35:35 PDT

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    Groove looks fascinating. The way the designer perceives users and allows
    for personal lives and work habits looks so sound. As an ordinary person I
    missed a couple of possibly interesting details because of unexplained
    abbreviations, but nevertheless.

    I read the piece as an ordinary generalist, not as a software engineer
    (which, of course, I am not). From this perspective I somehow can't seem to
    fathom what OHS does that Groove does not (other than possibly a bevvy of
    techniques I understand to be found in Augment and that have not - yet? -
    entered in common use).

    Is there among all our stuff on the Bootstrap site a piece of writing that
    would let me quickly perceive how the OHS and Groove compare with regard to
    making users more capable?


    "N. C a r r o l l" wrote:

    > While some may feel Groove has nothing to do with OHS,
    > it's usually worth a look at what Ozzie is doing,
    > particularly when it's collaborative software.
    > N.
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