Re: [unrev-II] Ray Ozzie's Groove software

From: Paul Fernhout (
Date: Wed Oct 25 2000 - 06:13:14 PDT

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    Henry van Eyken wrote:
    > I read the piece as an ordinary generalist, not as a software engineer
    > (which, of course, I am not). From this perspective I somehow can't seem to
    > fathom what OHS does that Groove does not (other than possibly a bevvy of
    > techniques I understand to be found in Augment and that have not - yet? -
    > entered in common use).

    I agree Groove looks cool and very much like a big chunk of the
    infrastrucutre what we would like to see. Without having used Groove, I
    might guess that I think the biggest difference from OHS/Augment type
    ideas is that knowledge within Groove may not appear as an integrated
    whole, but instead as some application specific representations managed
    by various applications sharing a common peer-ro-peer communications
    approach (i.e. a peer-to-peer lotus notes). [I am not certain of that
    though.] Also, obviously, this is a proprietary Windows only product,
    although it is extensible under Windows using the COM interface. It has
    already had $60 million dollars invested in it and will face all the
    usual issues in marketing itself as a proprietary product against other
    entrenched proprietary products. Boast: For 0.1% of that cost ($60,000)
    using Squeak I could outclass it in one year with an open system.

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