Re: [unrev-II] Ray Ozzie's Groove software

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Wed Oct 25 2000 - 13:52:18 PDT

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    Paul Fernhout wrote:
    > A major distinction in an OHS type system (or Augment successor) from
    > most other projects referenced on this list might be a focus on
    > collaborative creation of fine-grained [hyperlinked] "knowledge
    > structures" as opposed to collaborative creation of course-grained
    > discussions and related textual artifacts...
    > The creation of fine-grained knowledge structures is a very subtle
    > distinction to explain to people used to dealing in terms of files,
    > documents, messages and transcripts.
    That, in a nutshell, is what I would expect to see as the major
    difference -- the granularity of addressibility and reuse.

    However, I understand the Lotus Domino system is the first really
    distributed, really functional peer-to-peer database (although it does
    not run like lightning, I hear).

    That being the case, the exist of a true peer-to-peer capabable
    collaboration tool like this, even if coarse grained, might be an
    excellent tool for initial collaboration, on the way to developing
    the tool we envision.

    Another candidate for that honor is the Espresso system, which was
    recently brought to my attention again. I suspect we are losing
    something by not putting one or more of those tools into limited
    use, so we can compare, contrast, and learn from them.

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