Re: [unrev-II] Ray Ozzie's Groove software

From: Paul Fernhout (
Date: Wed Oct 25 2000 - 10:37:28 PDT

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    > Gil Regev wrote:
    > I guess the problem I have with Ozzie's description is to know what he
    > means by a shared space. If I understand the architectural snag
    > discussion right, I can rephrase the question as how to best support
    > collaborative creation of knowledge which is what a shared space
    > should support, in my view. I don't believe that Groove supports that
    > right now since it seems to be, as Paul said, a P2P Notes. This makes
    > it a discussion space not a collaborative shared space.
    > Gil

    I think we are getting at something here.

    A major distinction in an OHS type system (or Augment successor) from
    most other projects referenced on this list might be a focus on
    collaborative creation of fine-grained [hyperlinked] "knowledge
    structures" as opposed to collaborative creation of course-grained
    discussions and related textual artifacts. This is not to say fine
    grained knowledge structures can be put together as textual artifacts,
    or created from textual artifacts. It is to say there is more going on
    here than just moving documents around, and this deeper work requires
    another level of abstraction and tools to support that. Ted Nelson
    also discussed such ideas in the context of Xanadu as an
    anti-hierarchical anti-file emphasis. See the "Evils" section of:

    The creation of fine-grained knowledge structures is a very subtle
    distinction to explain to people used to dealing in terms of files,
    documents, messages and transcripts.

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