Re: [unrev-II] X-Path and more

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Thu Oct 26 2000 - 13:44:34 PDT

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    Jack Park wrote:
    > an XML document. werken.xpath is built upon JDOM (
    Well, its got my interest. Having developed a class that ecapsulates
    an XML file, I can tell you that JDom got it right. Programming a
    DOM is just butt-ugly -- its the lack of content/structure distinction,
    times 10.

    JDom creates an abstraction called "element". You can then get the
    text of the element, or get its attributes, or whatever. In a DOM,
    on the other hand, everything is mixed together. You can never go
    looking for one thing without being prepared to encounter and
    ignore every other possibility.

    So if werken.xpath is built on JDom, that tells me that
      a. They were intelligent enough to pick the right basis
      b. They were probably able to focus on the higher-order
         issues, as a result, instead of spending their time
         working out low-level bugs that were aided and abetted
         by the DOM architecture.

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