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Date: Fri Oct 27 2000 - 18:30:49 PDT

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    Collaborative Computing
    A new IEEE DS Online subarea highlighting developments in Collaborative
    Computing. Moderated by Xiao Qin (Griffith University, Australia).

    Based on several of Jack's comments below and ongoing discussions, may I suggest
    that we consider the IEEE Distributed System Online forum in Collaborative

    For those blessed with an IEEE membership you can download the following
    articles relative to our needs for formalizing an OHS design architecture:

    1) Weaving the Web of Reason
    Guest Editors' Introduction from Internet Computing's (IC's) September/October
    2000 issue

    2) STARS: A Socio-Technical Framework for Integrating Design Knowledge over the
    (Stephen C-Y. Lu and Jian Cai)

    Information technologies, including the Internet, are providing an
    infrastructure for global information sharing, but effective support of
    distributed collaborative work may require mechanisms to represent the
    expertise, intentions, and points of view of individual team members. This
    prototype system records social and technical aspects of individual perspectives
    on a collaborative project, and integrates this knowledge into a design process
    by reconciling different perspectives on the design data.

    3) The Semantic Web: The Roles of XML and RDF
    (Stefan Decker, Sergey Melnik, Frank Van Harmelen, Dieter Fensel, Michel Klein,
    Jeen Broekstra, Michael Erdmann, and Ian Horrocks)

    The next generation of the World Wide Web has been referred to as the "Semantic
    Web," where information will be machine-processible in ways that support
    intelligent network services such as information brokers and search agents. The
    Semantic Web requires interoperability standards that address not only the
    syntactic form of documents but also the semantic content. Standardization
    efforts aiming at semantic interoperability include the World Wide Web
    Consortium's XML/XML Schema and RDF/RDF Schema. In this article, the authors
    propose a general method for encoding ontology representation and inference
    languages into RDF/RDF Schema, and illustrate it through an application to
    Ontology Interchange Language (OIL).

    4) Knowledge Networking Resources on the Web
    Knowledge networks are discussed in the area of knowledge management. These
    workshops and conferences for further information include:

       * Knowledge and Distributed Intelligence

       * Knowledge Management and Knowledge Distribution through the Internet, held
         at the Workshops on Knowledge Acquisition, Modeling, and Management, Banff,
         Canada, in 1998 and 1999.

       * International Joint Workshop on Artificial Intelligence, Workshop on
         Knowledge Management and Organizational Memories

       * Third International Conference on Practical Aspects of Knowledge
         Management, Basel, Switzerland

       * ECAI 2000 Workshop on Knowledge Management and Organizational Memories

       * Conference on Information and Knowledge Management

    Jack Park wrote:

    > Rod,
    > As always, citations to your web pages provide an enormous amount of insight
    > into the way you think. It is always a valuable exercise that you provide
    > us pointers.

    > For all of this to make complete sense, ultimately, your thoughts need to be
    > blended with those of others, not by email, but in a massively similar web
    > space. That way, we can all make sense of all of our biases.

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