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From: Rod Welch (rowelch@attglobal.net)
Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 20:38:33 PST

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    Responding to your question, below, "you" in Eric's letter may may have refereed
    to Adam, who wrote a letter earlier today rhetorically asking "....Shouldn't the
    repository be called a DKR and not an OHS? Things will get too confusing with
    respect to Doug's existing documents if OHS starts to mean a repository instead
    of a tool set."

    Adam proposes avoiding confusion by focusing on Doug's documents. At issue is
    the meaning of a "repository," of "knowledge," of "dynamic," and how that
    relates to a system to generate documents that are linked, called "hyper

    This was discussed on 000120...


    ...which you raised again on 000426, indicating that "architecture" defines DKR?


    On 001017 Eugene advised that the new core team will set the architecture...


    So, in effect, we still have not settled these issues.

    Yet, even though DKR is not established, it seems clear that "knowledge" is a
    key part of a DKR that needs attention, as Eric noted on 000503.

    One aspect of "knowledge" is aligning information with context, per your letter
    to Paul Fernhout on 001025. "Context" positions information in relation to
    history, also, called "chronology," because sequence imparts cause and effect.
    Understanding causation is useful for computer programming, building a bridge,
    baking a cake, lots of things. Context, also, positions information in relation
    to objectives, requirements and commitments. It is not enough to call for
    "context." We have to produce it. We have to take action. So, in my view,
    here is a big secret of KM: it is all about action.

    For example, on 000424 Adam proposed "listening to Doug...."


    ...and, you concurred. That sets a standard, or requirement, for the DKR team
    to do business by looking to see what Doug says, and has said.

    So, how do we do that?

    On 001027 Doug requested that comments be linked to relevant parts of original
    sources. That is an important request, because cross posting, which you called
    out, as well, in a letter on 001019, shows alignment with objectives,
    requirements, commitments, and history....


    That sounds like a good way to "listen."

    "Listening" is one of those happy words that we all toss around, when frustrated
    that other folks are not following our common sense view of things.

    However, "listening," when applied in the manner Doug requests, has a deeper
    meaning. It will lead the team to an OHS and a DKR, based on a working
    understanding of "knowledge," "intelligence," and other stuff that is
    foundational to KM, that was discussed by Mary Keeler at SRI on 000518, and,
    also, set out in Charles Peirce's semiotics, reviewed on 000515....


    So, we have Chuck, Mary and Doug all pointing the way.

    On the merits of Eric's question about the correlation of a DKR and OHS. Doug's
    Launch Plan on 001025 sets out a weak correlation. Adam seems correct that OHS
    sounds like a set of tools primarily to link, translate and manipulate "views."
    DKR is the stuff that is linked, translated and manipulated....


    Note, that Doug discusses support by skilled operatives, which is a Com Metrics
    approach. Doug requests comments on his initial explanation; but, so far it is
    getting no comments, because attention is on DTD's Java, Python, XML, Topic Maps
    and other methods, rather than figuring what these important methods need to

    As set out in the letter to Henry, copied to the team, on 001107, experience
    over the past 15 years indicates, particularly the past 10 months, and more
    broadly over Doug's 40 years working on this matter, KM is a secret which can
    only discovered by doing KM...


    ...to transition from an information to a knowledge culture.

    Let's listen to Doug.



    Jack Park wrote:
    > Who is *you*?
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    > From: Eric Armstrong <eric.armstrong@eng.sun.com>
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    > > It's a sign of the fact that the terms have never
    > > been defined, I think, that I have never conceived
    > > of the OHS as a toolset, while you clearly have.
    > >
    > > I have always seen the OHS as some sort of repository.
    > > That is not necessarily the most ideal or the most
    > > useful vision -- its just the one I have always had.
    > >
    > > You, on the other hand, have a very different vision,
    > > that appears to be based on documents I am unfamiliar
    > > with. At least, I don't recall seeing anything that
    > > described things in that way.
    > >
    > > Apparently, you are of a school that sees the OHS
    > > as thing that looks into the DKR? I've heard others
    > > talking in that fashion, but have never understood
    > > that particular view of things.
    > >
    > > I agree that consistent terminology is necessary.
    > > At Tuesday's meeting, we consistently referred to
    > > the OHS as though it were a repository with a
    > > functional interface, and no one seemed to be
    > > adverse to that label.
    > >
    > > I think the design makes sense, regardless of what
    > > we label the components, but I agree that consistent
    > > labeling is desirable.
    > >
    > > Your turn...
    > >
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