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From: Adam Cheyer (
Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 17:13:37 PST

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    I agree that the separation into tools (editor/browser),
    repositories, and entities (documents) is useful and accurate.
    I also feel strongly that if we are going to use terms that Doug
    created, we do so in a way that he feels comfortable and aligned
    with, otherwise we won't encourage his support.
    We should ask Doug to clarify some of these definitions, as we
    do want to get them right; I was just signalling that since there appear
    to be slightly different perspectives on the term OHS, this could
    be a candidate for such clarification.
    I tried looking for a glossary which might clarify, and I found at the top
    the OHS page of the bootstrap institute, the quote: "OHS - the critical
    missing piece of the technology to enable dynamic distributed collective
    This may at least explain my impression that OHS is technology, not a
    repository. However, other text makes it seem more ambiguous, as if the
    OHS is both the tools and the document repository at the same time.
    We'll have to ask Doug. DKR, on the other hand, seems pretty unambigously
    a dynamic knowledge repository.
    -- Adam

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    It's a sign of the fact that the terms have never
    been defined, I think, that I have never conceived
    of the OHS as a toolset, while you clearly have.

    I have always seen the OHS as some sort of repository.
    That is not necessarily the most ideal or the most
    useful vision -- its just the one I have always had.

    You, on the other hand, have a very different vision,
    that appears to be based on documents I am unfamiliar
    with. At least, I don't recall seeing anything that
    described things in that way.

    Apparently, you are of a school that sees the OHS
    as thing that looks into the DKR? I've heard others
    talking in that fashion, but have never understood
    that particular view of things.

    I agree that consistent terminology is necessary.
    At Tuesday's meeting, we consistently referred to
    the OHS as though it were a repository with a
    functional interface, and no one seemed to be
    adverse to that label.

    I think the design makes sense, regardless of what
    we label the components, but I agree that consistent
    labeling is desirable.

    Your turn...

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