[unrev-II] Tuesday's meeting - terms and pieces

From: Rod Welch (rowelch@attglobal.net)
Date: Mon Nov 20 2000 - 00:12:28 PST

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    Finally got a chance to look at the work you, and I guess others, have done to
    flesh out the OHS and DKR issue, per your letter today. I support your idea to
    ground "knowledge" in the realm of human experience, including the notion that
    learning and wisdom are deliverables of the overall exercise, as shown at....


    I apologize for not taking the time to comment in detail. These resources
    provide ample opportunity to comment on Doug's OHS Launch Plan, per his request
    on 001025 for linking to relevant information. You can demonstrate how to
    synthesize current standards in your DKR specs, with Doug's new information, in
    a way that grows new knowledge, along the bootstrapping model.

    Email, phone calls, meetings, climbing a mountain, are all sources of
    information. How do we get this stuff into the DKR? I've taken to calling this
    effort building a culture of knowledge that moves up a notch on the cognitive
    scale from current IT practice. This is one of the paradigm shifts that is
    foundational to getting KM going.


    altintdev@webtv.net wrote:
    > Hi All, sounds like an interesting meeting Tuesday.
    > Since nearly our first meeting, I have had the understanding of DKR and
    > OHS as described at
    > http://www.hypermultimedia.com/DKR/
    > I always thought that the DKR was where we kept the
    > data/information/knowledge and the OHS was how we accessed that data.
    > Plus, the DKR description I have offered in those pages gave the DKR
    > some 'smarts' like the abilty to maintain a structural and possibly
    > semantic map of the contents more or less independent of any particular
    > user while still giving each user the abiltiy to search and construct a
    > personal map of the DKR contents according to individual interest.
    > I didn't try to create these defs out of thin air, but as an effort to
    > respond to the need for a DKR spec and to understand and communicate
    > what I thought I heard Doug and the group say. Not to mention that I
    > thought I refined the idea of this structure several times in our
    > meetings over a period of weeks using the example of 'experience'
    > evolving to 'knowledge' in a collaborative process (that picture stayed
    > on the board for 5 weeks, changing a little each time, until I finally
    > took it down) and that Doug's comments about this description/definition
    > was always positive. I don't see the OHS as having categories or topics;
    > the DKR structure provides that, with the OHS providing a means for the
    > author to define a category or topic for a specific information item
    > entered into the DKR.
    > Anyway, this is may be a signal that we need Doug to help us draw a
    > better diagram of the elements in this vision. If the ideas I portrayed
    > in my /DKR/ pages from early in this effort is wrong, then tell me so I
    > can get rid it. If it is valid, then help me get it into a better place
    > so everyone can understand what we are talking about and refine the
    > ideas.
    > Thank You and Best Regards,
    > Joe
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