RE: [unrev-II] Re: Tuesday's meeting - terms and pieces

Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 19:12:26 PST

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    Hi All, sounds like an interesting meeting Tuesday.

    Since nearly our first meeting, I have had the understanding of DKR and
    OHS as described at

    I always thought that the DKR was where we kept the
    data/information/knowledge and the OHS was how we accessed that data.
    Plus, the DKR description I have offered in those pages gave the DKR
    some 'smarts' like the abilty to maintain a structural and possibly
    semantic map of the contents more or less independent of any particular
    user while still giving each user the abiltiy to search and construct a
    personal map of the DKR contents according to individual interest.

    I didn't try to create these defs out of thin air, but as an effort to
    respond to the need for a DKR spec and to understand and communicate
    what I thought I heard Doug and the group say. Not to mention that I
    thought I refined the idea of this structure several times in our
    meetings over a period of weeks using the example of 'experience'
    evolving to 'knowledge' in a collaborative process (that picture stayed
    on the board for 5 weeks, changing a little each time, until I finally
    took it down) and that Doug's comments about this description/definition
    was always positive. I don't see the OHS as having categories or topics;
    the DKR structure provides that, with the OHS providing a means for the
    author to define a category or topic for a specific information item
    entered into the DKR.

    Anyway, this is may be a signal that we need Doug to help us draw a
    better diagram of the elements in this vision. If the ideas I portrayed
    in my /DKR/ pages from early in this effort is wrong, then tell me so I
    can get rid it. If it is valid, then help me get it into a better place
    so everyone can understand what we are talking about and refine the

    Thank You and Best Regards,

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