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From: Howard Liu (
Date: Tue Nov 21 2000 - 13:19:08 PST

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    Would someone let me know where to find the Augment-to-html converted
    documents as they become available?

    Will Eugene also be able to answer some questions about Augment? Are there
    others who can serve as domain experts on the domain of Augment?


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    In a continuation of Saturday's meeting, Ken Holman
    met again with several members of the OHS design


      4. As we discovered at Tuesday's meeting, the process
         of defining the requisite functionality and structures
         is tantamount to a specification (or anthropolical
         rediscovery) of Augment's "ontology". (It turns out
         that the "ontology" defines the functional interactions,
         as well as an abstraction-tree that leads naturally
         to an object hierarchy.) Casting the problem in these
         terms lets us use our ontology gurus (Jack and Howard)
         to advantage. They intend to start mining Augment
         documents in order to extract that ontology. (Eugene
         will use his Augment to HTML converter to make sure
         they get what they need.)


    At the moment, we seem to have factored the problem in a way
    that lets everyone bring their skills to bear simultaneously
    on different aspects of the problem. Odds are good that
    we'll be able to continue down this road for awhile, and
    potentially make substantial progress as a result.


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