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Date: Tue Nov 21 2000 - 18:48:50 PST

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    Howard, intention is to publish them on this page:

    Howard Liu wrote:

    > Would someone let me know where to find the Augment-to-html converted
    > documents as they become available?
    > Will Eugene also be able to answer some questions about Augment? Are there
    > others who can serve as domain experts on the domain of Augment?
    > Howard
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    > Subject: [unrev-II] Re: Tuesday's meeting
    > In a continuation of Saturday's meeting, Ken Holman
    > met again with several members of the OHS design
    > team.
    > [snip]
    > 4. As we discovered at Tuesday's meeting, the process
    > of defining the requisite functionality and structures
    > is tantamount to a specification (or anthropolical
    > rediscovery) of Augment's "ontology". (It turns out
    > that the "ontology" defines the functional interactions,
    > as well as an abstraction-tree that leads naturally
    > to an object hierarchy.) Casting the problem in these
    > terms lets us use our ontology gurus (Jack and Howard)
    > to advantage. They intend to start mining Augment
    > documents in order to extract that ontology. (Eugene
    > will use his Augment to HTML converter to make sure
    > they get what they need.)
    > <snip>
    > At the moment, we seem to have factored the problem in a way
    > that lets everyone bring their skills to bear simultaneously
    > on different aspects of the problem. Odds are good that
    > we'll be able to continue down this road for awhile, and
    > potentially make substantial progress as a result.
    > <snip>
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