RE: [unrev-II] Fellowship/Media Event & Reception to Celebrate Do ug Engelbart's National Medal of Technology Award

Date: Wed Nov 22 2000 - 20:38:05 PST

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    Just a thought.
    Anything after the 15th of Dec would be poorly attended in the DC area.
    Would recommend the week of Dec 11 or after Jan 6.

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    Subject: [unrev-II] Fellowship/Media Event & Reception to Celebrate Doug
    Engelbart's National Medal of Technology Award

    Nicholas, how are the PR activities going, Nicholas?


    I had the opportunity to speak, on separate phone conversations, with
    Curt and Doug today, regarding the arrangement of a "Fellowship/Media
    Event and Reception" in celebration of Doug's getting awarded the
    National Medal of Technology. Both gentlemen were positive with the
    idea. Curt has offered to do it at the new SRI International Building,
    and suggested to have Alice coordinate with us.

    I had briefly discussed with Doug about possible dates. He is going to
    be at Washington D.C. until Dec. 7. Assuming he needs a little rest from
    the long trip, having this event during the early part of the week of
    Dec. 18 may be a possibility (the later part of the week will be too
    close to the holidays). How about Monday, Dec. 18, 2000 4:00pm - 7:00pm.
    (just to start off with a concrete proposed date)?

    As an opening suggestion for the program, it could be a late afternoon
    event -- opening with the citation of Doug's achievements, a few short
    speeches (SRI, Sun, Logitech, ... as Doug sees fit), followed by a
    short lecture from Doug, and then a press panel/Q&A session. And,
    afterwards, a reception.

    Need your input and professional opinion on the above. Let's try to plan
    and coordinate the event via this e-mail discussion (plus phone
    conversations, of course).

    ALL : please provide comments & suggestions. In particular, I solicit
    volunteers to help in the preparation for this event.

    Best regards,

    P.S. personally, I will be on a business trip all week between 12/9 thru
    12/16. Therefore, we really need help from other volunteers in the
    preparation/coordination work. Let me (or Mary Coppernoll) know if you
    can contribute some time. Thanks. -ppy

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