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From: Henry van Eyken (
Date: Tue Nov 28 2000 - 19:24:02 PST

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    Hello Frode:

    Eric's reference to your page caused me to have another look at it.

    Most intriguing. I take it you replaced the page I saw before with a revised
    version of

    Love your treament of the "funny purple numbers" and will suggest to Doug
    that we change to the cleaner format you employed. A definite advantage of
    the format is that numbers do not have to be sequential or chronological. For
    example, the bootstrap site includes lists in reverse chronological order
    (for example, in Doug's CV).

    I would be inclined to run the numbers chronologically. From my point of
    view I like a system that requires a minimum of redoing numbers during page
    changes. Your "invisible" tagging solves the problem of chronological
    sequence and of par. insertions and deletions. Neat. In fact, I like to see
    it as a step in an evolution toward totally invisible tagging; that people
    simply expect the tag to be there (last word of a paragraph, of a caption,

    Have you given any thought to the "quick-step" feature of that page ? Any way
    of making that esthetically acceptable?

    Any objections if I view your inventions as "open source" (with due credit,
    of course).

    Am cc-ing Nicholas. As one who makes his living with website architecture and
    design issues, he is, professionally, quite averse to using the "funny purple
    numbers." Doug, though, is most insistent that they be included. Your
    pointing in the direction of almost invisible tagging will not only bring
    harmony and happiness all around, it also allows for wider latitude in page

    And still a further advantage, we can now seriously think about numbering
    pages automatically with simple hand touch-ups where the tagging-script
    writer fails to anticipate the quirks of editors and webpage designers.
    Boy-o-boy, the time that will save! Can't wait.


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