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From: Jack Park (
Date: Wed Nov 29 2000 - 08:18:12 PST

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    After reviewing Rod's web site based on his 11/28/00 post here, and this
    post, I am inclined to offer the following comments.

    Thus far, we have two volunteers (that is, ones that I happened to notice as
    explicitly doing so):
        Michael Crusoe (Kedron the Jester)
        John W. Burroughs

    Having worked on the XTM (XML Topic Maps) standard which will be presented
    to the public next week at XML 2000, I am strongly biased in the direction
    of something other than summaries of our postings. Rod has already done
    most of that. Let me suggest all readers visit this web site:

    The page is an index into Topic Maps for each of the GCA conferences.
    Browse around those and you will find that it is possible to track just
    about anything you want. For example, click on "Indexes". That takes you

    There, click on "Term". That takes you to

    Now do a search on "topic" which takes you down to entry 1407. I thought
    that interesting. Clicking that got
    which has a "Mentioned" line. Click that gets
    where the phrase in 1407 is found. We see that it is contained in a paper
    by Alexander Sigel. Thus, I have been able to take the concept of "topic"
    all the way to a particular paper that referenced it.

    Notice that terms similar to those referenced in 1407 are listed on the left
    side for further research. What's cool about this is that such an effort
    performed on all the OHS stuff would make it easy to find out who said what,
    when, where, why and so forth. Add to that Eric's idea of an IBIS interface
    and now anyone can join the fray at any place at any time. What's even more
    interesting, a consensus ontology can be made to grow out of such a project
    just by clustering keywords.

    In many ways, this is greatly similar to Rods work, with the following excep
    tions: Rod does not do for navigation what the Topic Map does (ultimately,
    me thinks he should), though he does make life easier with his Document Log
    and, the Topic Map does not include the map builder's comments. It's just a
    map and nothing more. Thus, a Topic Map would not serve as, per se, a KM
    tool in the sense that Rod's SDS does, but it will serve as a powerful
    mechanism for building and using a KM tool such as SDS.

    I would therefore propose that one of the *very first* thangs to do within
    the OHS group is this: build a damn good Topic Map implementation and apply
    it to the hypermail, plus all other web sites and writings about OHS and
    related stuff. Done properly, the tool will have the ability to suck up web
    pages and add them to the TM automatically when given keyword prompts by
    users. That way, all those URLs we have been passing around will now get
    sucked up into the vast BootstrapNavigator archives and become immediately
    useful to all who would take a journey through the system.

    Indeed, such a tool is envisioned (at least by me) as a natural part of an
    OHS system.

    From: Henry van Eyken <>

    > Good morning, Michael.
    > Thanks for your fine offer. We sure can use all the help we can get.
    > You pointed out a great dilemma: how to digest 2000-plus, mostly lengthy
    > I don't want to write in too great a haste, but here are some thoughts
    > my mind.
    > Right now, we are steering the website "architecture" toward dividing the
    > bootstrap site in major sections: Institute, Chronicle, Colloquium, OHS,
    > Context, Alliance, Website, Search.
    > Not all of these divisions are sharply delineated divisions (nor is the
    > that bootstrapping seeks to augment!). In fact, it is fair to say that
    > divisions fall within the scope of Institute or of Alliance. But never
    mind that
    > for now.
    > Two of the divisions, I am hoping, may be the beginnings of ezines of the
    > DKR/OHS ilk: Chronicle and Context. You may see Chronicle shaping up at
    > where you will find the upcoming bootstrap home page with a double menu
    > Click on Chronicle and you have the front page of a (potential) ezine.
    Most of
    > Chronicle looks fairly static right now: material about Doug.
    > many links don't work on the testbed!)
    > The front page is for news items and for lead paragraphs of articles
    related to
    > Doug's ultimate objecive. Those articles should be good, informative
    reading for
    > reasonably well educated, general readers, preferably the kind of people
    > "may make a difference." They should be well written by writers who know
    > the word "paradigm" ends and "dogma" begins.
    > To make things work, we shall need editorial staff of quality. I am hoping
    > once the design is more properly installed on the bootstrap site we can go
    > through media that address seniors among whom top-drawer talent may be
    > executives, managers, educators, writers, people versed in aspects of
    > science, etc. It is the absence of this structure that makes it hard to
    > your offer right now. However ...
    > I believe that those 2000 emails contain many seeds for ideas not directly
    > related to OHS development. It would be interesting to establish some of
    > major themes of, say, human-interest nature that have been broached on the
    > discussion forum. These themes do not necessarily play through by
    > "threads," but as a long-time reader you may well have discerned a number
    > distinct topics. We might isolate a number of themes as they were broached
    > the kind of people we have on the forum. We might look at the context in
    > they were broached. We might locate sources of informed thought on those
    > and thereby create the feedstock for good editorial material.
    > Am I too ambitious? Quite possibly - some might say probably, or
    > Nevertheless, dreams have been known to contribute to reality.
    > Michael, maybe you care to dream. And if it ever so turns out that what I
    > written here is unworkable then the worst that can be said is that the
    > ought to give you a first-class learning experience.
    > Appreciating your positive attitude,
    > Henry
    > Khedron the Jester wrote:
    > > I'm interested in helping, and thanks to my school schedule I have a
    > > three weeks off for winter holidays. But I'm a bit daunted by the sheer
    > > number of msgs in unrev-II, at least 2172 in my archive. If at least one
    > > other person was too help me or help me bootstrap myself I would love to
    > > take on this task. On the other hand there may be other things more
    > > to my skills.
    > >
    > > Michael Crusoe
    > > Student at large
    > >
    > > From: "Eugene Eric Kim" <>
    > > > I haven't seen any volunteers regarding this, so I thought I'd throw
    in my
    > > > two cents. Doing a regular summary of unrev-ii and ohs-dev would be
    > > > excellent exercise in knowledge management. They are already used
    > > > effectively on a number of open source mailing lists. For example:
    > > >
    > > >
    > > >
    > > >
    > > >
    > > > This would be a tremendous way of making our list more accessible and
    > > > meaningfully indexing our archives. I'd encourage people who are
    > > > for ways to contribute to the bootstrap efforts to volunteer.
    > > >
    > > > -Eugene
    > > >
    > > > On Thu, 2 Nov 2000, Jack Park wrote:
    > > >
    > > > > At today's meeting with Henry and other bootstrappers at SRI, Henry
    > > advanced
    > > > > the concept of a web site that, itself, would become a kind of DKR.
    > > That
    > > > > concept involves many different but interrelated ideas, including an
    > > online
    > > > > e-zine related to OHS development.
    > > > >
    > > > > One of the most important ideas is that of a kind of summarization
    > > the
    > > > > many threads/themes that have passed through the Unrev2 mailing
    > > It
    > > > > seems that this could be handled in several ways, all of which
    > > > > necessity of passionate editorial volunteers. If I recall rightly,
    > > > > has all threads archived in hypermail (or words to
    > > > > effect).
    > > > >
    > > > > I have been asked to begin the process of solicitation of interest
    > > > > action in the direction of producing topical summaries. This could
    > > the
    > > > > effort of one, lone, towering individual, or it could be a kind of
    > > > > collaborative comprised of several towering individuals who divide
    > > the
    > > > > territory, say, by thread, and accomplish the task.
    > > > >
    > > > > Given that there really does exist the framework by which the
    > > of
    > > > > Doug's vision as expressed in the Unrev2 series at Stanford may
    become a
    > > > > reality, let me take this opportunity to suggest that those readers
    > > this
    > > > > post who are capable of taking on some aspect of this summarization
    > > > > please notify either this list <click reply, type YES, click send>
    > > > > forward a YES to, say,
    > > or me
    > > > > at <> .
    > > > >
    > > > > Profound thanks in advance.
    > > > > Jack Park
    > > > >
    > > >
    > > > --
    > > > +=== Eugene Eric Kim ===== =====
    > > ===+
    > > > | "Writer's block is a fancy term made up by whiners so they
    > > |
    > > > +===== can have an excuse to drink alcohol." --Steve Martin
    > > ===========+

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