[unrev-II] Re: Alliance and Partners

From: scann@prodigy.net
Date: Thu Nov 30 2000 - 15:12:06 PST

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    --- In unrev-II@egroups.com, "N. C a r r o l l" <ncarroll@i...> wrote:
    > Is there a non-Java walkthrough with screenshots?

    > Sandra wrote:
    > [snip]
    > > Please have a look at the www.javacorporate.com eContent product
    > > which I am proposing be evaluated as a platform..

    There is a non Java walkthrough of the (open standards based)
    eContent with basic screenshots of the administrative system at the
    same URL as the demo:
    category=132 (please get full url and then login using person icon in
    header), then choose the "Guided Tour" link in the left column list
    of links.

    By the way this link (a collaborative portal view) is an User
    experience of eContent running live, integated with our forum and
    helpdesk components. The user interface is very flexible and can be
    look very different too. This is one look and feel; another might
    look like a MyYahoo experience.

    Sandra Cann

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