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From: Rod Welch (rowelch@attglobal.net)
Date: Thu Nov 30 2000 - 01:45:32 PST

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    Little feedback. The link you provided came up empty.

    The 5 elements you list might get KM done, depending upon what they mean, i.e.,
    how do you convert information into knowledge. I asked the KMCI people about
    this the other day and they reported the secret is "validation," see...


    Do you have an example of work product showing the a meeting, call letter or
    other daily working information that is connected into a web of related stuff?
    Any cost studies showing time and money saved using this method, where it was
    used, etc.



    scann@prodigy.net wrote:
    > --- In unrev-II@egroups.com, Eric Armstrong <eric.armstrong@e...>
    > wrote:
    > > My take on things is that there are dozens of folks out there
    > > with "big picture" ideas for KM.
    > Okay, I confess, I am one of those people with "big picture" ideas
    > for KM. I'm passionate about KM, want to get in and "get wet". It's
    > got such immense potential.
    > snip
    > > But none have a platform to
    > > build on. My hope was to make an OHS (what I had thought of as
    > > a HyperDOCUMENT repository) into a platform they could use to
    > > build on.
    > I feel we have a platform which can be used to build on. I'd like to
    > invite you to look at our eContent product as it is a HyperDocument
    > repository for both static and dynamic content. I think it has a lot
    > of potential to build on.
    > Our "resources' can be documents, forms, discussion forum, web based
    > email, faq, helpdesk, news, project/task management, company phone
    > directory, data warehouse views etc or other components. We have all
    > but the email component developed. With indexing/searching capability
    > we are working on (see CVS version), the eSearch portion can search
    > the KM "resources" system, for referenced keywords etc. Our system
    > has been designed with flexibility so that content can be presented
    > in different ways too, i.e. hierachical, table etc.
    > At a basic level, I see 5 components supporting KM.
    > 1. document management
    > 2. information management
    > 3. searching and indexing
    > 4. communications and collaboration
    > 5. expert systems.
    > Adding some personalization features and the result is a
    > collaborative KM portal. I think the portal, ebusiness, content
    > management solutions markets are likely to converge towards KM in the
    > next 2 years.
    > Please have a look at the www.javacorporate.com eContent product
    > which I am proposing be evaluated as a platform. Also consider that
    > it is fully based on open standards and is 100% Java and web based.
    > To enable your access to the demo, whitepaper and other resources,
    > please register onsite using the Register link on the home page in
    > the right column. When you register onsite, you will be automatically
    > added to the appropriate security group for access. You can find the
    > eContent demo at the following url:
    > http://www.javacorporate.com/components/helpdesk/jsp/projframe.jsp?
    > category=132 [please make sure you get the full url].
    > Then select the "person icon" from the header or the left menu and
    > login. Once logged in, select "Demo Menu" from the left menu. As it
    > is the demo focuses on the administrator demo; and doesn't yet show
    > off the end user GUI very well, so please bear that in mind. There
    > is a whitepaper and detailed feature list onsite as well (links are
    > on the eContent description page).
    > I would be appreciative to hear your feedback on what you think about
    > eContent is a platform to build on?
    > Sandra
    > scann@jcorporate.com
    > www.javacorporate.com
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