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Date: Mon Dec 11 2000 - 19:13:24 PST

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    > > Well, I can tell you they're not reading your
    > > TetrahedralModel.html at any startup I know....
    > >
    > Can you explain, please?
    > I know they're not reading it, because it just got out there.
    > Did mean, "not using it"?


    > In your estimation, is that:
    > a) A wonderful thing (they really don't need this concept,
    > and it would just slow them down to work with it)
    > a) An ok thing (the startups are doing ok without it,
    > and they'll get there eventually)
    > b) An unfortunate thing (the startups could be doing a
    > lot better if they knew of it)
    > c) A terrible thing (they're doomed without it)

    I'd say B, moving towards C. I did business consulting for
    quite a few startups, and to a one, they were unable to understand
    that a souffle needs *all* the ingredients (at the right time
    and temperature) to rise. I had never before seen such a
    profound misunderstanding of process. It was like watching
    a construction crew finish the drywall before running the wiring.
    Truly amazing.



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