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From: Jack Park (
Date: Tue Dec 12 2000 - 13:59:22 PST

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    Cliff Joslyn? He's the fellow from Los Alamos Labs who graced an SRI
    meeting with slides about knowledge representation. Those slides can be
    found at his web site:
    Cliff will likely play some role in the development of the knowledge engine
    for OHS.

    Guilty? Isn't everybody guilty until proven otherwise?

    From: Henry van Eyken <>

    > Fascinating, Jack. Jung brought down to earth. We need have an advanced
    > outpost right there to view, evaluate, digest, and report back to our own
    > "bootstrapping bailiwick" of the great social organism.
    > Anybody reading this with any practical suggestion about achieving that?
    How can
    > we remain stimulated to take cognizance of more and more while personal
    time is
    > under siege? It looks like the Global Brain group is well aware of that
    > and trying to cope with it.
    > Why did you singleout the name Cliff Joslyn? Should we know him?
    > Henry
    > P.S. (minor side issue) As a onetime reader of Teilhard de Chardin's
    > of Man," and admirer of the translators proze, I was later chargrined to
    > about some unsavory association with the Piltdown Man. Anybody remember
    > verdict of history on that? Guilty or not guilty?

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