RE: [unrev-II] OHS / DKR problem revisited

From: David L Robinson (
Date: Sat Dec 30 2000 - 04:25:13 PST

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    RE: [unrev-II] OHS / DKR problem revisited

    At 8:04 -0800 22/12/2000, Garold L. Johnson wrote:

    [Garold L. Johnson] The major problems with email all relate to linking, at least to a first approximation. Since emails have no unique identifiers, tying even a reply to a specific email much less a specific reference is difficult since there is nothing unique to which an email can refer. Hence we end up doing a lot of quoting because we can't refer to an email uniquely much less in a fine grained way, and there is no way of knowing how much of the email traffic any new viewer has.
    Egroups assigns a message number to every message it receives, but that number is not reflected in the email that is sent to the list. The originator doesn't know it since it isn't assigned until it is received by egroup.

    Just a note on the unique identifiers point. E-mail does have a unique identifier its called Message-ID.

    The RFC 2392 also mentions unique identifiers to content (CID). So you could have a MIME e-mail with each paragraph a MIME entity with a unique CID which could easily be cross referenced just like a HTML "A NAME=" Tag.

    Usually the E-mail body is just one MIME entity as no one has thought about the benefits of having each paragraph a MIME entity. An advantage of using this RFC is standard E-mail clients can be modified so linking to specific parts of a past E-mail would be possible.

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