Re: [unrev-II] Is "bootstrapping" part of the problem?

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Thu Jan 04 2001 - 21:13:03 PST

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    "Garold L. Johnson" wrote:
    > Upon further reflection on the danger that global corporations will
    > flock to
    > use our KM tools for diabolical purposes, I have come to that
    > conclusion
    > that there is absolutely no danger of this happening. NONE WHATSOEVER!
    > Look at the history of people who have tried to get large institutions
    > to
    > adopt better methods, to share information rather than hoard it, to
    > use
    > tools instead of meetings you name the innovation in the direction
    > of
    > collaboration and information sharing.
    Actually, I think the reticence to adopt the technology (which you
    have accurately characterized) is based more on the availability and
    utility of the technology, rather than on any entrenched resistance
    to new ideas.

    In the 8th or 9th colloquium, I think it was, the vice president of
    a major (banking?) organization described the millions of dollars
    they spent trying to develop such an infrastructure -- only to find
    that it went unused, and came nowhere near paying off the investment

    The issues were partly social, and partly technological. But there was
    no resistance to the idea.

    Doug accurately pointed out that some organizations live out on the
    frontier, trying new things. This organization was one of them. When
    such an effort becomes successful, others adopt it, in increasing
    numbers, until it becomes all but successful. (At one time, telephones
    cost a lot. They were difficult to sell, and only executives had
    them. Times change.)

    Should a successful, useful tool come into existence, I have no
    doubt that it will penetrate the market rapidly.

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