Re: [unrev-II] Is "bootstrapping" part of the problem?

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Thu Jan 04 2001 - 21:17:22 PST

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    Jack Park wrote:
    > Get this: is announcing (at least on TV) that they have
    > something
    > called QuikClick or words to that effect. The idea is this: click on
    > any
    > word and you get a popup with links to more information on that
    > particular
    > word (or phrase, whatever you have highlited).
    > It seems to me that we are beginning to see evidence of a larger
    > interest in
    > an underlying ontology (even if it's not called that), thread
    > management,
    > and tools that implement such things.
    I've noticed that. And I think you're right in your perception
    that notions like "ontology" have taken hold at executive levels.
    There is a lot of interest in this area, these days.
    (Had it not been for the colloquium, I might not even have

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