[unrev-II] Intelligence, Knowledge, Execution

From: Jack Park (jackpark@verticalnet.com)
Date: Mon Jan 08 2001 - 06:39:23 PST

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    From a post on the Standard Upper Ontology list by Jon Awbrey, I shamelessly
    copy an important chunk as food for thought:
    "1.1.2 Intelligence, Knowledge, Execution

    Intelligence, for my purposes, is characterized as a technical ability of
    in a situation 'as represented'. It is the ability to pick out a line on a
    to find a series of middle terms making connections between represented
    In the situation that commonly calls it out, intelligence is faced with two
    representations of position. This pair of pointers to points on a map are
    typically interpreted as indices of current and desired positions. The two
    images are symbols or analogues of the actual site and the intended goal of
    a system. They themselves exist in a space that shadows the dynamic reality
    of the agent involved. But the dynamic reality of the intelligent agent
    a manifold of states that subsists beneath its experience and becomes
    only gradually and partially in the observations of that agent. It is among
    the states of this basic manifold that all the real sites and goals of the
    agent are located.

    The concept of intelligence laid out here has been abstracted from
    two capacities it both requires and supports: knowledge and execution.
    Knowledge is the fund of available representations, the glove-box full of
    Execution is the array of possible actions and the power of performing them,
    the executive ability that directs motor responses in accord with the line
    picked out on the map. To continue the metaphor, execution is associated
    with the driving-gloves, which must be sorted out from the jumble of maps
    and used to get a grip on the mechanisms of performance and control that
    can actualize choices."

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