[unrev-II] Collaborative Topic Map for Semantic Web Resources

From: Bernard Vatant (universimmedia@wanadoo.fr)
Date: Mon Jan 15 2001 - 02:40:25 PST

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    Announcement :

    On-going project to build a collaborative Topic Map of people,
    organizations, tools, processes, projects, events ... involved in the
    Semantic Web scope at large, is presented at :

    In the present preliminary phase, you can enter informations through
    dedicated forms at:

    These data will be used to create topics and associations in a data
    base using Mondeca Topic Navigator, a new software implementing Topic
    Map technology. See http://www.mondeca.com
    This tool will allow *very soon* now - that is beginning February
    2001 - a collaborative administration of this Topic Map.
    That means you will be able to ask for authoring rights, and manage
    on line your own topics, associations and occurrences.

    This project aims to yield both more visibility to the Topic Map
    technology potential, and communication facility to the Semantic Web
    community at large ... and well, it looks like one more basic brick
    in the "Knowledge Building"

    Bernard Vatant
    "Building Knowledge"

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