[unrev-II] about synergy

From: Bernard Vatant (universimmedia@wanadoo.fr)
Date: Fri Feb 02 2001 - 01:51:05 PST

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    Hello all

    Being in the process to somehow inventory resources for the "Semantic Web
    communities" at large, represent them in a Topic Map, and open a
    collaborative space to manage and update this Topic Map [1], I found out
    there is a great deal of redundancy in that universe. Mailing lists with
    deep debates, pointers in the messages to pertinent resources, well -
    funded projects, interesting software, effective implementations and
    experiences etc. In many places, a great deal of time and energy is
    invested to collect and update links, and all these efforts IMO could be
    more effective at a lower time/energy cost if somehow coordinated. Well,
    the problem is : many of these projects and tools exactly aim to this very
    same role of coordination, and when there are many diverse attempts to
    coordination, well ... there is no coordination at all ... and I'm aware I
    am in the same dispersion and redundancy logic in proposing one more
    similar tool. I don't really believe in the mythical Web self-organization
    capacity. In fact I see people developing smart projects and tools, trying
    to fund them somehow because they have keep themselves and their projects
    alive, so they need to ensure visibility and get involved in some
    promotional, not to say commercial activity. When two very similar projects
    meet, what happens ?
    Some kind of the following dialog : "Hey, look at my project, is not it on
    the same page than yours ?" "Oh, indeed, that's great!"
    "What about a synergy and collaboration ?" "Why not, let's make it!" "Well
    ... how shall we do ...?" "Hmm ...who's gonna pay for it ...?"
    The rest of the dialog remains generally blank, and the two projects keep
    on their parallel ways.

    I'd like to gather people around a reflection around this problem. One more
    forum ? Maybe ... if I have feedback to this message, I'll certainly make
    it ... one more tool, I know, but ... any other suggestion ?

    Feel free to forward this message to other communities you are involved in



    [1] "Building Knowledge Universe"

    Bernard Vatant
    "Building Knowledge"

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