[unrev-II] CodeGude RULES!

From: Eric Armstrong (eric.armstrong@eng.sun.com)
Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 11:49:06 PST

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    Version 3.0 should be out shortly. I'm using
    a pre-release copy (availble because I bought
    2.6), and it ROCKS.

    Major features (2.6):
      * Red wavy underlines on syntax errors
      * Thin red lines in the scroll bar at
        error locations.
      * Go to next/previous error
      * Directory structure, project structure,
        or class structure in the left panel
      * Works with the JDK of your choice
      * Build/rebuild for compilation
      * Interactive debugger (I've yet to use
        that, oddly enough.)
      * Split-screen editing
      * Set bookmarks, go to bookmarks

    3.0 features
      * Auto-completion on method/data names.
      * Auto-lookup of possible method/data
        names *and their documentation*
      * More intuitive project setup
        (In 2.6, you "create a project" which
         has no location, and then right click
         in the left panel to add a directory
         to it. Not hard when you get used to
         it, but very weird.)


    Version 2.6 had a horrible bug that truncated
    the file if set the tab size to zero. (It's
    not something you will typically encounter,
    but I managed to stumble across it.) They've
    guarded against that in 3.0, but 2.6 is
    what's on the web site. So don't set tab size
    to zero in that version!

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