[unrev-II] Lateral location in (PSIs) in Topic Maps

From: mattc@silcon.com
Date: Fri Feb 23 2001 - 01:34:08 PST

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    The discussion by Kathleen, Bernard, Jack Park, and others,
    especially Kathleen regarding Dressage and Three-day Eventing, sounds
    like mostly a hierarchical structure in the list-making
    classifications. That seems mostly a vertical structure.
    Might it help to create a tagging mechanism to indicate some sort of
    lateral evolution?

    For example, graphically, in several programs one can drag and
    establish relationship lines, even label them, between multimedia
    objects. (e.g. Correlate, MindMapper, and others you might have
    already discussed.)

    Where some subjects cannot be classified into a list format then
    perhaps use of the lateral location can indicate that there is a
    topic that is related, but the classifying editors do not know where.
    Or perhaps the topic might fit in several places, and that outboard
    location is spatially in the center of them. i.e. "Dressage" located
    in outboard position from the horse events, but not "trick riding"
    category offensive to the riders.

    The outboard location's relative position as centered with respect to
    other topics might be problematic as to what other classifications it
    should be related to. But to the extent the editors/classifiers
    can "look it up" in the dictionary or thesaurus (online?) they should
    be able to make a determination.

    The editor for "Equine" or "Sporting Events" should know enough
    about "Three-Day Eventing" to incorporate cross--country, jumping and
    dressage, the 3 events for those 3 days, and cross-link to those
    events. (If outboard lateral position is used.)

    Of course, most of that is in a 2-D plane. One could also use an xyz
    axis eventually, to show 3-D relative locations in space. (See
    Pacific Northwest Energy Labs SPIRE software shared by John Deneen
    with me. http://multimedia.pnl.gov:2080/infoviz/index.html.

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