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From: Eric Armstrong (eric.armstrong@eng.sun.com)
Date: Tue Feb 27 2001 - 18:50:51 PST

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    More notes on Groove:
      * Groove turned out to be dead simple to download
        and install.

      * Other than a few UI nits, the interface is
        surprisingly nice.

      * It is Windows-only and IE4-based, and has some
        difficulties interacting with Messenger (its
        automated messages are missing NLs) but depsite
        that, it's pretty cool.

      * One serious knock is that the applications
        are limited to the set that are *within* groove.
        Files from your file system are copied into the
        shared space, so you can't edit them in place
        using whatever tools you have at your disposal.
        Obviously, a truly ideal system will let you
        access the existing file system and edit its
        contents with the tools you have available. But
        a lot of collaboration would be possible with
        what is there today -- there is a meager outliner,
        a notepad clone, and other such stuff.

        Then, too, you can always drag files out of the
        shared space to work on them, and then drag them
        back in. A bit clunky, but probably a more
        effective way of working with the tool as it
        exists today.

      * Another serious knock is the lack of conflict
        detection/prevention capabilities. At least, I
        haven't seen any mention of them. That's kind
        of cool when people are online -- you can edit
        a document in a real-time collaboration. But
        that looks like a hole when one or more folks
        are offline.

      * It's got mechanisms for planning meetings,
        browsing the web together, discussion forums,
        and contact lists, among other things.

      * If you start a project workspace, the space
        includes a discussion tool, task list, and
        even a calendar. It also uses their outliner
        to create a brainstorming area, but their
        outliner is such that plain text outlines are
        a better idea, imo.

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