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From: Melissa Hall (
Date: Mon Mar 12 2001 - 11:32:50 PST

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    As of now I do not have our updated White Paper, as we are a small group
    working on this project. I would be happy to talk with you via telephone and
    guide you through our features and uses and any technical questions you may
    have can be answered by a member of the tech. team.

    We are an "open hyperlink system" rather than "open hyperdocument system"
    and we believe this will be one of the next paradigm shifts in web type
    database structures. It is impossible to understand the depth of it from our
    web site, as we only give a hint to what we have and what it is.

    This technology will change how people work, learn and exchange information,
    and will gradually turn both corporate internal webs, and the www into true
    collaborative spaces, enable groups of people to build webs together without
    a central entity, and enable higher "creativity levels" of man-machine work,
    because it will fundamentally change the way webs are interlinked.

    What is an Open Hyper Link System?

    It is a technology that supports open addressing of objects within live
    files, including change tracking and other new "behavioral attributes" not
    found in today's hyperlinks and webs that are built with html or XML.
    This means, for example, that people working with information can make links
    from "within" any document they view, while the link is actually stored
    externally on an open-hyperlink server. It separates the hyperlinks logical
    level from the contents logical level (today, hyperlinks are embedded within
    content and put there only by authors of the content). It will not need
    changing of today's content structures, document standards, or deep UI
    working habits, as we support them. We intend to supply it both as an OEM
    technology into different existing products, and as a self-standing:
    corporate web-building / collaboration / groupware / document management

    If you wish to go deeper into BrowseUp vision, I recommend to follow these
    links to relevant materials written by Doug Engelbart and by Tim Berners

    Also I have attached a flash presentation that introduces our technology as
    a collaboration platform.

    If you would like a more in depth look at the technology and where we are
    going with it please contact me at your convenience.

    My Best,


    Melissa K. Hall
    Director, BrowseUP
    381 5th Avenue
    NY, NY 10001
    Tel: 212-448-1280 x 118

    BrowseUP: Powered By Thoughts

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    At 10:16 AM -0500 3/12/01, Melissa Hall wrote:
    >You should work with BrowseUp, we have a working Open HyperLINK System. I
    >would be happy to talk to you about it whenever you have a moment.


    Please can you tell me if there's a technical white paper describing
    How does it relate to open hypermedia such as described at


    Simon Buckingham Shum


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