Re: [unrev-II] Email based on invitation & introduction

Date: Mon Apr 02 2001 - 19:28:02 PDT

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    Who or what part or the group initiates the rejection letter?
    How did the rejectee get on the list in the first place?
    Does the introducer of the rejectee get rejected too?
    If you have a decent email client you can do this personallly, although
    it is a risk to personally reject someone who has not been rejected by
    the group because then you only get responses to that member's
    contributions though other member's that have not rejected that one.
    There already are lists like you describe where the majordomo is a real
    person that passes judgement.
    Perhaps better to filter personally by author and/or by subject, or hire
    someone to screen your inbox.
    (If you have already done either of these, I think you probably will not
    see this:)

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