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Date: Mon Apr 23 2001 - 13:19:29 PDT

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    That paper:
    * Networked Knowledge Representation and Exchange using UML and RDF

    Contains several interesting links. The list below represents
    the most interesting, higher-level papers (generally conceptual
    papers rather than detailed specifications):

    * Exploiting UML in the Design of Multi-Agent Systems

    * UML and the Semantic Web

    * Implementing agent communication languages directly from UML

    * Is it an ontology or an abstract syntax? Modelling objects,
      knowledge and agent messages

    * Ontologies as conceptual models for XML documents

    * Transforming XMI to HTML

    * UML as a schema language for XML based data interchange

    * Book: The Object Constraint Language: Precise Modeling With UML
      Warmer, J. B. and Kleppe, A. G. (1998)

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