[unrev-II] NoteMap (Detailed Review): The Ultimate Outliner

From: Eric Armstrong (eric.armstrong@eng.sun.com)
Date: Mon May 07 2001 - 17:05:37 PDT

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    It looks like a windows app, only, unfortunately, but it
    does 99.1% of everything just absolutely right. It is
    *toooo* cool. This is *exactly* the kind of interface
    that a good XML editor *should* have.

    Summary of major features:
      * Windows app (cut/paste, undo/redo, paragraph formatting)
      * Drag and drop outlining
      * Multi-line nodes
      * Global/collapse expand (numbered buttons at top) as
        well as individual collapse/expand (click in the tree)
      * Great keystroke interface with well-defined functions:
        --Alt+Up/Down/Left/Right to move a node
        --Ctrl+Enter to put a line break inside a node
        --Enter to break a node in two (backspace to re-join)
        --Insert key to insert a node before curr position
          (sh+Ins for after)
        --"fold note" to see only the top line, "unfold" to see all
        --alt+shift+1..9 for global collapse/expand to a given level
      * Line Space control
        --single, 1.5, or double space (global)
        --plus individual control over node spacing, before & after
        --sample use:
          --Collapse to 1-level view.
          --Select all 1-level nodes (shift+click)
          --Increase space before
          --Result: All inner nodes retain their spacing, but
            major sections are set apart.

    Major production features (not yet implemented)
      * Spellcheck
      * Hyperlink insertion

    MS-specific functions
      * output to PowerPoint, Word, or WordPerfect
      * background highlighting (yellow or other color)

    Not found:
      --keystroke to fold/unfold a node
      --keystroke to fold/unfold all nodes
      --keystroke to collapse expand a single node

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