Re: [unrev-II] NoteMap (Detailed Review): The Ultimate Outliner

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Wed May 09 2001 - 12:32:08 PDT

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    Eric Armstrong wrote:
    This thing just continues to kick butt.

    Formatting options:
      * Manual page break before a paragraph
      * Keep lines together
      * Print all, or only what's visible (current view)
      * Line breaks in paragraphs (Ctrl+Enter)
      * Select all entries at a given level
        (great for setting styles!, like spacing or page breaks)
      * Style selections "inherited" from previous entry
        when inserting after
      * Links to URLs and images are available and working

    Other options:
      * Tab/Shift+Tab: Move in/out
      * Comment can be attached to a node in a "yellow sticky note"
      * Word count and other statistics

    This is definitely the way that an outline-based XML
    editor (ideally written in Java) *ought* to behave!

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