[unrev-II] PROPOSAL: Bootstrapping a Societal-scale Information Systems (SISs) with "Cognitive-Radio Knowledge Representation Language" (RKRL)

From: John J. Deneen (jjdeneen@ricochet.net)
Date: Thu May 10 2001 - 02:09:33 PDT

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    Since Silicon Valley has been the engine of a revolutionary new economy,
    delivering information technology that has driven California business
    growth to new levels, it's now time to aim such an effort at
    California's biggest challenges—energy efficiency, transportation,
    earthquake preparedness, health care, education, and others on the
    < http://www.citris.berkeley.edu/cisi_proposal.html>

       * "In organizing this ambitious research agenda, CITRIS (Center for
         Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society) will
         concentrate on producing useful technology: design principles,
         architectures, software tools, algorithms, and SIS (Societal-scale
         Information Systems) prototypes. This research will be undertaken
         in collaboration with our Founding Corporate Members (BroadVision,
         Ericsson, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Infineon, Intel, Marvell
         Semiconductor, Microsoft, Nortel Networks, STMicroelectronics, and
         Sun Microsystems) as well as many other affiliated companies,
         including Agilent, Texas Instruments, and Conexant, who have agreed
         to participate actively in our research. These partners and our
         private donors have already pledged more than $170M to support
         CITRIS, almost all of it contingent on $100 million in matching
         state funds proposed over the next three years in the Governor's
         2001-02 budget."

    So relative to our Silicon Valley energy crisis and location within the
    existing Mt. Diablo Open R&D Wireless Testbed (30 mi. radius) for the
    Cognitive Radio, a recent PhD thesis, and book by Joseph Mitola III
    (Cognitive Radio: An Integrated Agent Architecture for Software Defined
    Radio <http://www.it.kth.se/~jmitola/Mitola_Dissertation8_Integrated.pdf
    > <http://www.wirelessdesignonline.com/read/nl20010504/382295 >),
    including an excellent roadmap for commercializing
    I believe we have a excellent opportunity for receiving funding for
    bootstrapping the Cognitive Radio with topic map (XTM) and OHS/DKR

    After all, what else could be better for augmenting wireless
    collaboration capabilities in order to solve urgent complex energy
    problems, etc. in California?

    More background info:

       * Dale Hatfield's, Ex-FCC's Chief for Office of Emerging Technology
         keynote address promoting the use of the software-definable and
         Ultra-wideband (UWB) radios for improving RF spectrum
         resources: <
         < http://rawcon.org/hatfield.html >

       * SDR
         < http://www.sdrforum.org/sdr_primer.html
         < http://www.mmitsforum.org/MTGS/mtg_003_sep96/tellabs1.html >

       * Article from Scientific American about MIT's Software-definable
         < http://www.sciam.com/1999/0899issue/0899dertouzos.html
         < http://www.sciam.com/1999/0899issue/0899zue.html
         < http://www.sciam.com/1999/0899issue/0899guttag.html
         < http://www.sciam.com/1999/0899issue/0899agarwal.html >

       * Software Radio Resource

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