[unrev-II] Intelligence Amplification

From: Jack Park (jackpark@thinkalong.com)
Date: Fri May 18 2001 - 08:24:12 PDT

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    This came today in today's SingularityWatch email newsletter

    "Catalyzing Collective Computation: Bottom Up is Where IT’s @
    Myriad daily bottom up advances are occurring, where people figure out how
    to use the net to increase our collective intelligence in a measured,
    stepwise manner. These emergences of IA (intelligence amplification via
    networks and technological infrastructure) are the most important, most
    impressive daily path to AI, and the real untold story of human-machine
    integration as well, as we all begin to see ourselves as symbiotic neurons
    in the emerging global brain. Such events will continue to accelerate in
    the first half of the 21st century, and collectively, I call them the “30
    (or 40) Year Road to AI.” These advances are self-organizing, unlike the
    long litany of failed attempts to code a top-down “master AI” in some lab
    staffed with overconfident geniuses and too much free money to burn. The
    economically self-sustaining nature of these IA activities is also one of
    the better evidences that their emergent complexity is tuned for
    integration with the human social substrate. Here are three examples of
    incremental advances:
    Tacit.com. Want to know how to use simple AI to monitor employee emails (on
    an “opt in” basis to get access to the results) and automatically construct
    a database of expertise within any organization? Go visit
    http://www.tacit.com). A brilliant example of useful IA on the path to true
    Exp.com. Want to see a working expert consultation system (a large variety
    of experts) using a micropayments approach (ie, spend $2 to get your O-Chem
    question answered, or $5 for some simple tax advice)? And easy rating of
    the quality of that advice? Bookmark http://www.exp.com. Talk about a
    viral, self-funding, e-Bay-like approach… Systems like these catalyze the
    collective power of the GroupMind forming all around us. They don’t need to
    IPO. Very impressive.
    Ideas.com. Another great bottom up idea, getting companies to understand
    the creative and community benefit of sponsoring collective intelligence
    contests. (http://www.Ideas.com). Such efforts represent the crude
    beginning of effective groupware within the idea creation function of our
    society. Now only if Ideas.com could tap into the college students, who are
    coming up with these ideas in their dorms every night, and have the
    resources to implement only a small fraction of them…

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