Re: [unrev-II] Why Unicode Won't Work on the Internet - white paper

Date: Mon Jun 11 2001 - 04:29:10 PDT

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    Nicholas san
    Thank you for your reply and information about Unicode. As you know many
    software package vendors in Japan (as well as other Asian countries) localize
    software packages developed in the US and Europe in order to handle Japanese
    characters and to run under local environments. Unicode is one of the powerful
    supports for us to save a lot of time and money) in localization process. So we
    are very much looking forward to seeing USC-4 becomes an official code of the
    Hiro Kusunoki
    Fuji Xerox Information Systems

    "N. C a r r o l l" wrote:

    > Mr. Kusunoki:
    > > My name is Hiro Kusunoki I am a member of Bootstrap Alliance Japan.
    > > Yes, you are right. USC-2 will not cover all the characters of the globe.
    > > However, USC-4 (32bit code) has been proposed under the ISO10646.
    > > Unfortunately, there may be a considerable amount of work needed till all
    > the
    > > involved community reaches consensus on how to map their characters in the
    > code
    > > scheme.
    > > Regards,
    > > Hiro Kusunoki
    > > Fuji Xerox Information Systems, Co. Ltd.
    > >
    > Thank you for the pleasant reply. Actually, all feedback
    > from Japan has been pleasant; the same cannot be said
    > for all of the emails we have received from Americans.
    > Apparently this issue is far more politically important
    > than I had realized. And of course Unicode does have
    > 32 bit proposals already; it is as you say the problems
    > of mapping that are so complex. We have heard from
    > BTRON(?) with the same comments.
    > A couple of links that might interest you:
    > (Schneier is considered one of the world's leading
    > cryptographers and security experts.)
    > (on the IBM web site, by an independent consultant)
    > Thank you,
    > Nicholas
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