Re: [unrev-II] Why Unicode Won't Work on the Internet - white paper

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Date: Sat Jun 09 2001 - 15:30:04 PDT

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    Mr. Kusunoki:

    > My name is Hiro Kusunoki I am a member of Bootstrap Alliance Japan.
    > Yes, you are right. USC-2 will not cover all the characters of the globe.
    > However, USC-4 (32bit code) has been proposed under the ISO10646.
    > Unfortunately, there may be a considerable amount of work needed till all
    > involved community reaches consensus on how to map their characters in the
    > scheme.
    > Regards,
    > Hiro Kusunoki
    > Fuji Xerox Information Systems, Co. Ltd.

    Thank you for the pleasant reply. Actually, all feedback
    from Japan has been pleasant; the same cannot be said
    for all of the emails we have received from Americans.
    Apparently this issue is far more politically important
    than I had realized. And of course Unicode does have
    32 bit proposals already; it is as you say the problems
    of mapping that are so complex. We have heard from
    BTRON(?) with the same comments.

    A couple of links that might interest you:
    (Schneier is considered one of the world's leading
    cryptographers and security experts.)
    (on the IBM web site, by an independent consultant)

    Thank you,

    Nicholas Carroll

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