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From: Eric Armstrong (eric.armstrong@eng.sun.com)
Date: Tue Jul 17 2001 - 13:32:19 PDT

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    I recently got back to hacking my tune-teaching program, and it
    is going superbly. I should have something to show in a week
    or two.

    Along the way, I'm starting to notice how tidbits of information
    I gather become "knowledge nuggets" that are worth storing
    and retreiving in some FAQ-centric way.

    Concrete examples:

    1. I found out (or rediscovered, assuming I once knew it) the
       events generated when clicking on different Java Swing
         state-changed event
         item-state-changed event
         action event

       The topic relationships here are generates/generated by.
       The FAQ-style questions one would like to see are in the
          What event does <component> generate when clicked?
          What components generate a <eventType> event?

    2. Then there are other little knowledge nuggets, like:
       To deselect all radio buttons in a ButtonGroup, add
       an invisible button and execute its doClick() method.

       Q-form: How do you deselect all radio buttons in a

    3. Finally, and more deeply:
       Selecting a button in a radio group does NOT generate
       action events for the deselected buttons. Although other
       buttons in the group have their appearance changed, it is
       up to the application to carry out the appropriate
       de-selection semantics (if any) for every other button in
       the group.

       Q-form: What events are generated for the buttons in a
               Button group?

    Now, #2 was taken out of the class comments. But items #1 & #3
    were discovered by a combination of fooling around, reading,
    and controlled experimentation.

    Clearly, there is a strong knowledge-component in this discovery
    process. Each "nugget" developed in the process accumulates
    towards a developer's "expertise rating".

    If the ability to do remote collaboration on a design is one
    important tool we need to bootstrap open source development
    of a DKR, then a FAQ-style expertise system has considerable
    DKR-ness, in and of itself.

    [Somewhere in the open source community, I recall seeing a
    FAQ-generating tool. But I don't recall where, or how good
    it was.)

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