Re: [unrev-II] GATE:General Architecture for Text Engineering

From: Jack Park (
Date: Sat Jul 21 2001 - 14:36:39 PDT

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    This is a 16 meg download, GPL, and expands to around 60 megs. Nothing
    included that tells how to use it. Now, off to the web to find some more


    At 06:57 PM 7/21/2001 +0100, you wrote:
    >"If you're a professional mathematician, you probably regard a tool like
    >SPSS or Mathematica as necessary infrastructure for your work. If you're a
    >computational linguist or a language engineer, the chances are that large
    >parts of your work have no such infrastructural support, and attempts over
    >the last decade to develop one have not been very successful. GATE,
    >developed over the last three years at the University of Sheffield, aims to
    >fill this gap.
    >What does infrastructure mean for natural language processing (NLP)? What
    >sorts of tasks should be delegated to a general tool, and which should be
    >left to individual projects? GATE does three things:
    >manages textual data storage and exchange;
    >allows easy visualisation of textual data structures;
    >provides plug-in modularity of text processing components.
    >Based on the collective experiences of a sizeable user base accross the EU
    >and elsewhere, the system can claim to be the Mathematica of NLP for certain
    >sections of the field. Given further development, we hope that it can take
    >this role for a wide variety of tasks. "

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