[unrev-II] Software funding by completion bonds

From: Jack Park (jackpark@thinkalong.com)
Date: Wed Jul 25 2001 - 14:02:29 PDT

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    Found on slashdot:

    "In their article "The Street Performer Protocol and Digital Copyrights"
    (Kelsey and Schneier, 1999) suggest that copyright will become increasingly
    difficult to enforce. They propose a general mechanism for funding digital
    public works, the "Street Performer Protocol" in which authors produce
    their work only after they receive enough contributions to make it worth
    their while. In this article, I sketch out a proposal for the creation of a
    software completion bond market. I think such a market would be a practical
    implementation of the "Street Performer Protocol" for the funding of open
    source software. I first describe how such a bond market might work, and
    why I think the open source community needs a bond market. Then I examine
    the underlying economics of open source software. Finally, I review some of
    the existing and potential alternatives to a software completion bond market. "

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